My 30-Day Trial

phone rings

A friend of mine called me yesterday to invite me to an event and asked me if I had a blog. After helping her with a little bit of media relations in the past, she wanted to put me on the press list and needed to know what the name of my blog was. I’ve had one for years, but for a variety of reasons, never really posted anything, and I struggled to even remember what I had named it. I was embarrassed. How could I not even remember what the name of my blog was? Pretty bad. I felt totally out of it. I recovered by rattling off a list of great bloggers from the area that I follow regularly, and would be a valuable addition to the invite list because they have established blogs with a good following and thought they might post about the event to get some publicity.

This friend of mine is also an awesome mother of two, and has managed to open an adorable fashion boutique, NOTO, in Downtown Akron. Not only that, she has a blog to promote the store and her shop is a successful business that has really become one of the first fashion icons in the Akron community. I love it and her success and ambition totally inspires me. Thank you for the wake up call.

I got off the phone and felt really frustrated with myself… I have said I’m going to start blogging again about 1,000 times and never done it.

some background

I recently left the agency world to explore the corporate side of the PR and advertising business, and I’ve found myself feeling completely creatively deprived from the day-to-day, out-of-the-box thinking that I was used to. So, in an attempt to keep my creative edge, I thought a blog might help keep me inspired and motivated to stay in the loop. I’ve tried to start one before, but find myself making excuses like “I don’t have the time,” or “I don’t have anything interesting to say.” So, I’ve procrastinated like with everything else, but I’m really going to do it this time.  The least I can do is try…

no risk

I’ll start with something small: my own 30-day trial period. I’m going to blog every day, for 30 days. If I hate it, I’ll quit and if I love it, then I guess I won’t get my money back ; )

It needs a new name- obviously, the last one was not so memorable, plus I could use a fresh start. A coworker of mine was in the elevator with me one day and noticed the tattoo behind my right ear. A little black stiletto. “What are you, head over heels?” And no, shockingly, I had not even thought of that before, but I thought it was pretty clever, and it stuck. SO, if the shoe fits… I can’t forget the name of this one, right?

I plan to combine my passion for writing with my love for fashion & crafting in most of my posts. I might share other things, but that’s going to be the gist of it. We’ll see where it takes me from there! Day 1!


3 thoughts on “My 30-Day Trial

  1. How fun, Amanda. I will look forward to your fashionable and crafty words of wisdom…even 50 year olds need a little blog-fest once in a while!!

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