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Painting Pottery & Becoming a Woman

How to celebrate the little little sister turning 12 years old… Too old for Chuck e Cheese’s. Thank God. And way too young to take out for a drink. Again, thank God.

I made the mistake of letting her know that I felt old because I remember being 12 years old when she was born, and thought I was pretty grown up at the time.  Apparently, she does too. According to Abigail, she is “becoming a woman.” If you know her, you’re aware this will most likely be a frightening transition.

I had to figure out what to do with the little woman for her birthday.

my mini me

Abby shares the creative (or eccentric and unusual) family gene, so I figured she’d have fun doing any kind of craft activity. We took her to ALL FIRED UP in Fairlawn, across from West Point Market. It’s a contemporary little ceramic studio where you can paint pottery and relax for a couple hours (and you’re allowed to bring in your own wine, total plus).

We picked our pottery and got to painting. A beachy frame, a couple of scarlet & grey and blue-bayou margarita glasses, and Abby with her electric lime, speckled turtle piggy bank.  We’ll go back in a week to pick up the completed pieces after they are glazed and fired. Finished project pics to come!

Artist Abby

All Fired Up for Abby's12th Birthday

The place has been there for a long time, and I’ve been there once before, but I always forget about it… It’s a great place to go for fun with artsy kiddos, craft night with friends, or you could just go make gifts for people. They offer weekly classes too, if you really want to get into it.  And the boyfriend didn’t hate it either, he’s really learning to embrace his artistic side: ) So, you could drag the guy along too. Just convince them that they could get wine drunk and paint a ceramic pirate skull or Buzz Lightyear figurine, it’s still manly.

no more happy meals

“Abby, what does it mean to become a woman?”

“To get big girl chicken fingers!”

Of course…

Look out, ladies — There’s a new woman in town, and she could be after your chicken fingers! Happy birthday, Abigail Marie!

3 thoughts on “Painting Pottery & Becoming a Woman

  1. Had tears in my eyes before the first picture… Got to the first picture and needed a tissue, finished reading the blog and got to the last picture… That’s when the dam broke! XOXO:)

  2. I’m touched! That is sooooo sweet, and hard to believe you are both are so grown up! Imagine how old I feel…I was ten when you were born!!!

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