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Dolled Up for the Dog Pound

I thought it was a butter face?

Yeah…this was too great not to post. Who knew? Urban Dictionary is always teaching me new things. 

they lost, but we looked good

Thursday night we were given tickets last minute to go to a Browns preseason game.  Obviously, my first thought was that I didn’t have anything to wear, and I had no time to go find anything. Sorry everyone, I am no superfan and no, I do not have a back-up collection of face paint or Browns apparel hanging in the back of my closet…

Luckily, boyfriend thinks of everything and already took care of the problem. He picked us up matching jerseys after work. (We have totally become that couple and I don’t hate it.) He is awesome.

I still wanted to add my own something, so I dug through my craft box and found a couple things to throw a festive headband together. Because every occasion needs its own headband. Trust me. Totally last minute and thrown together, but I figured I could share what I came up with- pictures & instructions at the end of this post!

tutus for touchdowns

And if you’re searching for something to wear to the big game, I found some sweet stuff on ETSY, from t-shirts to bows and crazy flip flops, they literally have everything. Plus, it’s WAY cheaper than dropping $100 for some cheesy hat at the team shop. If you don’t shop on ETSY, you are insane.

Being raised by a sports fanatic father apparently never really rubbed off on me. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to watch the game and drinking $8 Bud Lites, but I am easily distracted by the great people watching. Aside from the mullets and creepy drunks, I got some awesome pictures of fans, plus our seats were ridiculously close…

Just tryin to keep it classy in the CLE, you know?

Bandana Bands


  • fabric scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • bandana
  • ribbon
  • 2 rubber bands

Time: 25 minutes

Note: I made one headband in this example, but after wearing it, I noticed it seemed kind of thick. So you could try cutting the bandana into 6 strips and you can make 2 headbands, but you only need 3 strips for each one.

Lay the bandana out and cut 3 strips, then fold each one in half so they are thin enough to braid. Use a rubber band to tie the strips of fabric together on one end. Next, braid the strips together tightly. Once you get to the bottom, tie the ends off with another rubber band. After that, cut 2 strips of ribbon about 8 in. long. Take one end of the bandana and slide the ribbon under the rubber band. Add some hot glue to hold tight and continue wrapping the ribbon around the bandana until you cover the entire rubber band. Use the other ribbon, and do the same to the other end. Then, you can just put it on and tie it in a bow in the back to fit.


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