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My cousin had her first baby yesterday! A beautiful baby girl. Gave me the perfect excuse to finally learn how to make tutus. There are lots of different ways to make them, but since I have yet to learn how to operate with a sewing machine, I went with this version. Simple and so so cute! 

Decided to make it with a Sweet Pea green, gold and brown sparkly tulle color combo…


  • 3 colors of tulle 
  • ribbon
  • needle & thread
  • elastic band
  • scissors 

  • Start by measuring the elastic to however long you need it to be around the waist, plus an extra inch or so, then sew it together. Slide the tulle over something to tie the strips of tulle on, I just used my leg. Cut tulle about 18-20 in. long, and then knot it around the elastic. Continue that process until the tulle covers the entire elastic band. Once finished, flatten out the tulle so it all falls in one direction. Lastly, you can add a bow! Done : )

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