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Wash Clothes::Make Art::Build Community

double day

It’s tough trying to post about something every day…. And yesterday was the first day I ran out of time. Lazy Sunday.  I’ll just double up today.

Speaking of doubles, our rainy Sunday did result in a double rainbow above our house… kinda cool.

creative volunteering

So as part of my own 30-day challenge, I started looking at different crafting charities. Fusing a hobby with some volunteer work is always a good thing, right?

I hate laundry, but I love crafts, so this project in New York that really intrigued me:

The Laundromat Project

A community-based public art non-profit that brings arts programming to laundramats in the Greater New York area. They have a couple programs that seek to raise the quality of life for people whose income doesn’t guarantee broad access to mainstream arts and cultural facilities.

This weekend they held their last event of the season. A Bleach Batiking session where they taught the process inspired by the Batik fabric dying, participants use bleach instead of wax to create their own neighborhood-inspired tees. They encouraged participants to use their imagination, a black shirt and bleach to design a t-shirt that reflects a part of their neighborhood, whether it’s a person or place, past or present. So cool!

Here’s a great article from the Hudson Reporter I found with more details about the event they had this weekend.

All workshops have a suggested donation of $4, but no one is turned away if they are unable to pay.

Obviously, this charity is based out of NY, so it would be tough to volunteer, unless you’re thinking about relocating (I wish), but if you’re interested, you can donate here.

Just thought this program was really inspiring and a creative way to reach out and make a difference in the community. Maybe not at laundromats, but this totally got me thinking of ways we could apply this kind of program in our community. Any ideas?

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