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Feather Fanatic

don’t worry, you can shop online

We went to Wilmington, NC on vacation earlier this summer and fell completely in love with a boutique we found. Edge of Urge.  Probably most comparable to a Revival-like place in Highland Square. There is a whole section of handmade clothes and accessories that you can shop from.  Love.

I’m not sick of feathers yet

I know they’re in every ones hair and there are a ton of the trendy feather earrings you can go out and buy anywhere. Trust me. These ones are different. Jesse Williams’ Designs. She has these outrageous handmade feather earrings that you can put together yourself — they are awesome. They sell like charms, so you have to buy the earring and then each feather or tassel individually. All of them are interchangeable and you can switch out or add on different feathers and charms depending on what you’re wearing and how dramatic you wanna get with all the vibrant colors.  It can get a little pricy for a pair of earrings, but I’m convinced they’re worth it.

I'm obsessed.

After fighting the urge to drop $100+ on one earring (yeah, just one), I chose to hold off until I tried making them myself.

I went out and bought supplies months ago, so I’m going to finally make an attempt at them tonight. I don’t plan on them turning out as beautiful as these ones, but I’ll see what I can come up with. I’ll post pics once I’m done. We’ll see if I can do these any justice making them myself.

And if you can’t wait, then buy them online. And I will be very jealous and potentially wish I never shared this great discovery with anyone. You’re welcome.

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