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Hold on Tights

I LOVE this weather! Seasons are changing and it’s that transitional time between summer and fall when I can’t decide whether I wanna stick with sun dresses or pull out the sweaters. I’m not quite there yet… I figured tights and leggings could let me hold out a little longer until I have to put them away.

faves for fall

Wolford Bonny Dots Sahara Tights, $55, available at Stylebop.

Classic Black Leggings, $4.50, available at Forever 21.

Lace Leggings, $87, available at Opening Ceremony.

Color Polka Dot Tights, $12.50, available from We Love Colors (50 to choose from)

want more?

If you don’t like any of these ones, you can find almost anything on, there are thousands to choose from…

make your own

I wanted to figure out how to switch up some of my own pairs from last year and I found a couple great tutorials for how to make  ruffle or circle-patterned tights. I even found an older post on The Clothes Horse  where she decorated a pair with just a Sharpie and they turned out awesome. They don’t look very complicated, and I’m always up for tye dye, so I need to try these out!


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