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Just Another Busy Weekend

Just had a crazy weekend with lots of things going on… to-do list had to trump working on the blog for a couple days. We had a garage sale on Saturday and went to the fair on Sunday, amidst much other chaos. This post is basically just a hodge podge of catchup-

yard $ales

Rummaging through garage sales and finding some cheap treasures can be fun. Hosting a yard sale, different story. Discovered this weekend that planning and prepping your own garage sale can be unpleasant and require lots of work. But we really just wanted to make sure people showed up so that all the work was worth it.

After moving this past spring, there was lots of extra furniture and other home goods to get rid of. So we put together a garage sale in hopes of clearing up some space.

Unless, you want to pay for a print ad in the paper, posting ads online is a free and easy way to let people know you’re having a sale. I knew about posting your sale on craigslist, but I had no idea there were sites like Garage Sale Hunter and Yard Sale Search. They have to be a hoarder favorite. They are free, might as well use them.

All in all, turned out to be a success. Made some extra cash and got rid of lots of junk. Some creative, colorful signs and free beer helped too: )

watch your step

Everyone has been to a fair before, but I literally had some culture shock after a couple hours this one. The place was full of all walks of life. Fair encounters included, but weren’t limited to: horses in every shade of neon, Hugh Heifer & many other cows in costume, the most random assortment of arts and crafts I have ever seen, and a few too many bare midriffs. Seriously… I should have taken more pictures.

Mental note: Next time we go to the fair, a few things to remember:

  • hand sanitizer- it gets kinda grungy
  • alcoholic beverages- pregame with a few, if not several
  • tums- for the after affects of fair food
  • flip cam- seeing the people is only half the entertainment, the audio is even better

Had to feature some of the award winning arts and crafts (too bad these weren’t for sale):

Armed Penguin

Taxidermy Baby Craft...?

AND we picked up our finished pottery from All Fired Up:

They turned out pretty nice!


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