Crafts / diy


So, I’ve had my mess of crafting supplies piled into an overflowing plastic container just sitting in the living room for weeks now. Eye sore…Decided I should finally figure out a way to organize everything out there since I don’t have the privilege of having my own craft space- yet. Found instructions for a suitcase coffee table in my Craftivity book and I figured out how to tweek the design to use for dual purposes.

Found two vintage suitcases at The Hidden Pearl in Cuyahoga Falls to use for storage cases. That place is amazing, you can find all kinds of treasures there : ) I installed wheels on the bottom of one of the suitcases, so I can simply roll everything into the kitchen if I need a table to work on. Then, I organized all my supplies into the cases. Just a little decorative storage project that turned out pretty well!


  • 2 or more suitcases, depending on how high you want to stack
  • 4 casters
  • 24 screws, 4 to install each caster and 8 to build a wooden
  • 1 x 4, cut into four lengths
  • saw
  • battery drill
  • staple gun
  • tape measure


After selecting suitcases, pick the larger one to function as the base and measure it to determine the size you’ll need for the interior support frame. Saw the 1 x 4 into four pieces to fit inside the suitcase and screw together to build the frame. Cut out the bottom, interior lining of the suitcase to place the frame into. Then, use the drill to install the casters on the bottom exterior of the suitcase so it lines up with the frame support on the inside. Once all the casters are installed, reupholster the inside lining of the suitcase with the staple gun. Lastly, place whatever objects you want to store into the suitcase, and stack them up to create a decorative end table.


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